Characters - LaLa


The best thing to all the boy bugs in town is when they run across La La. She is an attractive, intelligent, talented, ladybug that definitely gets a lot of attention, especially from Ray. She is a very sweet girl with a beautiful voice who wants to be a singer. She carries herself like a true lady and she loves to hang out with her crazy friend Lauren who gets her into all of the cool and popular events. La La is very much into her music and is always ready to network. Rocky tries to use his power and status to woo her but she is only interested in singing on his songs and performing at his shows to further her career. Like most of the bugs in their community she is very intimidated by the Rat Bully so she tries to be nice to Rocky and puts up with his advances so she can stay on their good side. She thinks Ray and his friends are reckless and crazy but something about Ray peaks her interest.