Characters - Lil Reggie

Lil Reggie

Lil Reggie is Big Rocky’s sidekick. He is a very tiny roach with a very big attitude. Reggie is an extremely rude loud mouth who is always talking trash. He goes out of his way to cause problems with everyone he comes across and he’s a lot meaner than Big Rocky. Lil Reggie isn’t afraid of anyone or anything, and he has no problem telling you. When the Rat Bully hired Big Rocky to do debt collections for him, Lil Reggie took it as his opportunity to unleash his rage on anyone who owes them. He takes his job way more seriously than Big Rocky so Rocky lets Lil Reggie do most of the dirty work. Lil Reggie runs the daily operations in the local gambling spot where Roscoe is constantly betting and he is usually the one tricking Roscoe into losing a bet because he is fully aware of his gambling addiction.