Characters - Rhonda


Rhonda aka DJ RonDiva is Roscoe’s older sister and the crew’s only voice of reason. She likes hanging out with Ray, Roscoe and Rico because they make her laugh and she shares their love of music. It’s probably a good thing she is around because for some reason she is always the one the boys need to get them out of trouble. With three roaches with a careless attitude someone has to be around to keep them from getting smashed by Stan or attacked by Big Rocky and Lil Reggie. She also likes to hang around because she has a secret crush on Ray, even though he is younger than her, but he just sees her as Roscoe’s big sister. If there is a party or event going on Dj RonDiva is most likely the one playing the music. She is talented, classy, smart, and represents for respectable independent women. She can’t stand gold diggers and groupies like La La’s best friend Lauren who doesn’t have respect for herself. She feels like it makes good women like her look bad. And of course she doesn’t like La La because Ray has a crush on her instead of Rhonda.