Characters - Rico


Say hello to the always horny and hungry, Rico from Puerto Rico. He has always been a good and loyal friend to Ray and he has a love/hate relationship with Roscoe. He has a fearless attitude, an uncontrollable appetite and an insatiable lust for females. The only things on his brain are eating and flirting. He is always with his pet termite (pit-bull) Scrap. Because Roscoe loves to gamble he is always trying to talk Rico into taking Scrap to the illegal termite fights, which Rico is firmly against. When Rico is not eating or chasing girls he is watching Ray’s back. The only thing he has in common with Roscoe is he is also firmly against sharing any of their food with the Rat Bully. He will do whatever it takes to keep his friends and their food safe. He will also do whatever it takes to impress females.