Characters - Roscoe


Roscoe is the ultimate hustler with a gambling addiction who is very adamant about not having to comply with the rules of the community. Especially the most important rule that all insects follow which is, whatever food you get, you have to give a percentage to the notorious Rat Bully. With a carefree attitude and a lack of respect for authority he likes to talk trash, party, and get wasted with his best friend Ray. He hates the humans but he likes to help Ray get things he can use as collateral at the local gambling spot. His gambling addiction is constantly getting him into trouble with Big Rocky and Lil Reggie who run the gambling spot and work for the Rat Bully. No matter who says it or what the situation is, if you say the words, “U want to bet?” or “I bet you won’t!” or “I bet you can’t!” you can almost guarantee Roscoe will accept the challenge. The only problem with this is that he can’t win every time and when he loses he has to figure out a way to pay his debt. Everyone knows that you do not want to owe the Rat Bully, Big Rocky and Lil Reggie. This usually gets him Ray and Rico in some ridiculous situations.